Dear Friends! Welcome to Kaposfest 2020!

The recent period has resulted in a situation where we had to rethink the 2020 festival several times. We are delighted to be organizing a special festival this year that could not have taken place under different circumstances.

Our colleagues and friends were delighted to participate this year as well. Hosting prominent representatives of various music genres, the program includes a number of traditional concerts, with the usual deep content, which, combined with a light “Kaposfest atmosphere”, will provide a well-deserved end-of-summer relaxation.

In addition to the old venues of the festival, this year you can also enjoy the concerts and accompanying programs in the renovated Gergely Csiky Theater, the Együd Árpád Cultural Center and at Vigasságok tere.

Allow us to thank all those who stood and still stand by us with their time, effort and unbroken support for the success of the festival. In addition, we are grateful to our main sponsors, the Municipality of Kaposvár, the Ministry of Human Resources and Koronás Cukor, who, despite the ordeals of this year, considered the realization of the festival an important common cause.

We are looking forward to meeting you to spend a few merry days together again on 16-19 August in Kaposvár.

Yours sincerely,

István Várdai and Kristóf Baráti                                    Balázs Hornyák

Artistic directors                                                                 Festival director