Covid19 - Action Plan at Kaposfest - International Music and Art Festival

The emergence of coronavirus requires the introduction of new health safety regulations in all areas of life to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Although it is possible to hold cultural events again without restriction after the emergency was lifted, it is extremely important for the management of KaposFest - International Music and Arts Festival (hereinafter: Festival) that visitors can attend the Festival with the least possible health risk while maintaining the considerably less strict public health protection requirements. To this end, the Festival management has developed the following action plan to prevent the re-outbreak and further spread of the epidemic, the validity of which extends to the Festival venues, all employees (permanent or intermittent), suppliers and visitors, and is valid until revoked.

The ACTION PLAN was based on the recommendations of the National Center for Public Health regarding COVID-19.

General Measures

  • Increased attention must be paid to the cleanliness of all the venues of the Festival. Disinfection of frequently used furniture and objects several times a day is mandatory.
  • Hand sanitizer points should be set up in places that are clearly visible and accessible to visitors.
  • Virucide disinfection of visitors' washrooms should be provided after each concert.
  • From now on, online forms of ticket or pass selling should be preferred to on-site purchase.
  • In order to prevent congestion and to help maintain the necessary social distance, more entrances need to be set up.
  • The employees who welcome visitors, who are in contact with them or serving them (cashiers, ticket inspectors, auditorium supervisors, cleaning staff) are obligated to wear a face mask when indoors.
  • Visitors are not required to wear a mask at events, but it is strongly recommended.


  • The need for increased adherence to health regulations, such as rules for proper hand washing, regular hand disinfection, and social distancing, should be communicated to visitors in visible ways through information posters. (Adherence to the 1.5 meters social distance during the shows is not an achievable requirement, but if possible, even in situations below this distance, direct physical contact and the usual social greeting methods – handshake, kiss, hug – should be avoided.)
  • It is necessary to place information posters preventing the spread of Covid-19 in clearly visible places around the venues. In the same way, information posters communicating the rules of proper hand washing need to be placed on the walls of the washrooms.
  • Festival staff and visitors should be familiar with the mandatory health standards for Covid-19 and monitor any changes. To this end, the management of the Festival ensures the acquisition of appropriate information materials and the continuous provision of information to the staff, especially those in direct contact with the visitors.
  • In order to ensure necessary, up-to-date and continuous communication, the Festival must appoint 1 permanent employee who is able to carry out healthcare-related communication, who manages this process and provides health education/information for the employees and the performers.

Special Measures I

  • A minimum of 1 contactless thermometer must be continuously available during the event.
  • An isolation area should be established in the Festival area where those workers and visitors who show or report symptoms of Covid-19 or are suspected of having Covid-19 infection should be placed until further action.
  • If such a case arises, the protocol of the National Center for Public Health must be followed. The National Center for Public Health has set up free green numbers to respond quickly and professionally to public inquiries about the coronavirus (call +36 80 277 455 or +36 80 277 456 if needed).

Special Measures II

  • As far as possible, performers should be provided with separate rooms for dressing and changing. In the absence of this possibility, attention should be drawn to respecting social distance recommendations.
  • If changing rooms are used by multiple performers, continuous virucide disinfectant cleaning is recommended; otherwise disinfectant cleaning of the changing rooms should be performed at the end of the concerts.
  • Viewers may approach the stage to a safe distance.
  • Direct contact between viewers and performers is not recommended. Requesting an autograph and/or presenting a fan gift (such as a bouquet of flowers) directly or indirectly is not allowed until this regulation is revoked.
  • Technical devices (microphone, headset) must be disinfected after each use.

We respectfully ask our visitors to pay special attention to the measures taken to prevent COVID-19. Visitors who experience symptoms of the coronavirus themselves are prohibited from attending the events. (Typical symptoms of the disease are: deteriorated smell, gastrointestinal symptoms, fever, dry cough, shortness of breath. Nasal congestion, muscle pain, fatigue and sore throat may also occur.)


Rain Policy

Regulations for outdoor concerts at Vigasságok Tere in case of rain

In case of bad weather, the Festival will publish a notice on the website no later than 3pm on the day of the concert. If no announcement is made, the Festival is preparing to hold the concert, if necessary, they can decide to postpone the start of the concert. The Festival reserves the right, depending on the weather, to cancel the concert on the spot or to interrupt the concert that has already started and resume later when the rain stops.

If the outdoor concert cannot be held due to the rain, the Festival may decide to move the concert indoors, while maintaining the possibility of repetition. Designated locations: Együd Árpád Cultural Center – Agóra (address: 7400 Kaposvár, Nagy Imre tér 2.), Szivárvány Kultúrpalota (address: 7400 Kaposvár, Noszlopy Gáspár utca 1).

If the concert is canceled due to bad weather and cannot be held indoors, it is not possible to redeem the tickets on the day of the missed concert. Tickets for missed concerts will be redeemed within 14 days of the business day following the missed performance. Application: